Healthcare Leadership Solutions

The growing role of technology in the healthcare field changes the game for employers and talent alike. Our experienced consultants and executive recruiters have the in-depth industry knowledge to meet your variable needs.

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Healthcare Leadership Solutions

The growing role of technology in the healthcare field changes the game for employers and talent alike. Our experienced consultants and executive recruiters have the in-depth industry knowledge to meet your variable needs.

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Whether you are a jobseeker looking for flexible career development opportunities or an employer looking to fill an interim executive role, we know that you deserve the best. At ISP, we believe in making a personal connection. We build lasting relationships to help us connect skilled talent with the diverse needs of industry leaders to find the best fit for everyone. It’s a win-win.


We know speed is important for your success, but forcing an imperfect match into a key role could lead to disaster. We connect you with exceptional candidates to fill interim executive and leadership roles, so you... Load More

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Finding the right leadership for your company is about more than just a list of requirements. Our executive recruiting model starts with getting to know your organization’s unique needs, values, and culture so... Load More

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We recently had an emergent need for a revenue cycle executiveI was presented with exceptional candidates only days after contacting ISPBoth candidates had the breadth and depth of skills needed to do the job. ISP liaised with finance and human resources to ensure a smooth process. ISP also conducted a full background check, verification of employment and education as well as thorough reference checks.  


 We’re delighted with the quality and skill level of our ISP resource. We’ll certainly use ISP again in the future to help us recruit and source professional and leadership positions here at the medical center. If you’re an employer with a hard-to-fill interim role, particularly in healthcare, I highly recommend ISP.

Derrick H
Hospital CFO

I contacted ISP about a contract position as Interim VP of Revenue Cycle published on Glass Door. I was provided with useful information to clarify the role and the work environment. Michael also coached me and helped position me favorably for my interview with the client.  


 ISP helped put together an excellent Candidate Professional Profile with sections including Overview, Professional Experience, Skills & Qualifications, Education and optional photo. I was well informed throughout the process and am delighted with the position. 


 I strongly recommend ISP to help you with your job search, whether you’re looking for contract work or permanent placement.

David C
Hospital Revenue Cycle Professional

We recently completed the implementation of a major call center system to support our centralized attendant, centralized paging, telephone answering service and emergency code team activation service. We provide these services to world-renowned medical centers in Boston, as well as large medical practices and community health centers around the US.


We engaged ISP to provide leadership and direction to our internal team to help us transition to this new system and to assist with stabilization. The ISP resources developed procedure documentation and training materials on our behalf. They also helped us identify and resolve post-live issues with the software vendor. ISP was there whenever we needed them to help us through a very stressful system cutover.


I am confident in recommending ISP to help your organization with resources to supplement and lead any complex IT project you may have.

Gary D
Project Sponsor & Director

At Harvard Mike Barricelli and I were the joint “owners” of  the an enterprise-wide HRIS implementation project. This was a massive endeavor for the University, as it impacted faculty, staff, students and retirees.  Together we directed the implementation of human resources, payroll, time and attendance and pension applications.


Mike was always a pleasure to work with. He kept his eye on the project goal and was not distracted by the silly or irrelevant complaints that were frequently lobbed our way. I would recommend him and his team at ISP for any sort of project management.

Polly P
VP of Human Resources and Project Co-Sponsor

I worked with Mike and ISP as my project director during a particularly stressful ERP system implementation at a teaching hospital in Washington, DC. His project management skills and implementation knowledge allowed the functional and technical pieces to fit together for a successful go live.


Mike also was excellent in managing the relationships between the consultants, the clients, and the vendors involved in this large successful project. His no-nonsense, no drama approach enabled project team members to focus on providing important deliverables to support an on-time system delivery.

Larry K
HR Team Lead

Whenever we were considering a new residential development on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard we would engage  Michael Barricelli from Infinite Solutions Partners to lead the feasibility study. This work encompassed market analysis and financial forecasting. A high-level timeline with project milestones was also delivered as part of the project.


The quality of the resources and work product provided by ISP was always exceptional. For a SME developer like our company, it is a joy to leverage such skilled talent to lead our planning initiatives. The forecasts developed were always spot on and extremely thorough. Michael’s approach is very hands on, and he would check in with me directly around important project milestones to check if everything was going according to plan.

Penn S
Owner and MD, Thai Real Estate Developer

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